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We know how frustrating it can be when you hit your wheel against a curb... at Wheel Guys we are here to help!


• Wheel Guys offer EXPERIENCED & PROFESSIONAL WHEEL REPAIR to make your WHEELS LOOK BRAND NEW! Saving you time and money of purchasing new wheels...


• Wheel Guys offer Life-Time Warranty on all our Service & Products.


• Wheel Guys offer guarantee same day turn around so you are back on the road ASAP!

• Wheel Guys offer OEM Color Match Paint to match or Change the Color of your Wheel; Any Color you Want -Black, Gunmetal, White, Gold, Blue, Red, etc.

• Wheel Guys can also change the look of your Brake Calipers! Custom paint them to stand out.

• Wheel Guys can restore your cloudy or faded headlights with our "Unique 5 Step System"! 
We are your One-Stop-Shop to make your vehicle look like new again!

• Wheel Guys can even paint your factory wheels in custom Colors.

• Wheel Guys is now offering POWDER COATING services.


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