Before & After Wheel Repair

Abused Toyota Wheel
Before image of an abused stock Toyota wheel.
Repaired by the Wheel Guys
After image of a Wheel Guys miracle repaired Toyota wheel.
Deep Rim Scars
Before image of a badly chipped rim of a stock premium alloy BMW wheel.
Repaired Rim Scars
After image of a typical result of a Wheel Guys wheel repair of BMW premium alloy wheel.
Bad Rim Chipped Wheel
Before image of a Mazda alloy wheel chipped at the lip of the wheel
Repaired Rim Chip
After image of the repaired lip of the Mazda rim by the Wheel Guys.
Audi Wheel Repair
Before and After image of an Audi premium alloy wheel by the Wheel Guys.
Curb Rash on Rim
Before and After image of a very bad rim curb rash wheel repaired by the Wheel Guys.
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