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Powder Coating

Wheel Guys is now offering POWDER COATING!!!

As POWDER COATING is becoming more & more popular, Wheel Guys is now offering this service to the Bay Area.

The process of POWDER COATING

With POWDER COATING the process is very simple. First we would Media Blast the wheels to insure that the paint and any corrosion has been stripped off and we are just left with bare metal. After that we would sand the wheels down and remove any curb rash or any damage to the wheels. Then once we have the wheel prepared, we would then POWDER COAT the wheels. Before the wheels go in the oven and bake, we do a once over and make sure all the POWDER COAT has been laid on evenly and the entire surface has been POWDER COATED.  

Call us today at 925-408-8350 to get your quote today!

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